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[NEW!] Luminous 3D Cushion

RM 109.90


Using the puff provided gently press down lightly onto the cushion sponge to capture product. Use more or less pressure based on your desired level of coverage. Apply gently by dabbing onto the face, blending the formula from the center outwards.

Elianto make up Luminous 3D Cushion a weightless color correcting and sun protection formula to defend against damaging UV rays and heat-aging, and blend beautifully into the skin for an undetectable finish. The application creates a brightening effect adding more radiance to your skin while filling in fine lines, providing long-lasting coverage and keeping your skin looking natural. On deeper level, the collagen helps by repairing wrinkle and the use of a more advanced liquid-to-powder technology ensures your skin are kept moisturized and protected against environmental aggressors. Retain your youthful look today!

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